A safety management plan may also be known as a WHS management plan or a construction site safety plan. The site specific safety management plan is a document that helps communicate how safety is going to be managed on a construction site, and who is responsible for ensuring compliance.

In most states in Australia there is a requirement for a safety management plan to be prepared prior to start of works and for all workers to have access to it. There are often also requirements about what has to be included in a site safety plan for instance in most states the plan must contain:

  • The names, positions and health and safety responsibilities of all persons at the workplace whose positions or roles involve specific health and safety responsibilities in connection with the project
  • The arrangements in place, between any persons conducting a business or undertaking at the workplace where the construction project is being undertaken, for consultation, cooperation and the coordination of activities in relation to compliance with their duties
  • The arrangements in place for managing any work health and safety incidents that occur
  • Any site-specific health and safety rules, and the arrangements for ensuring that all persons at the workplace are informed of these rules
  • The arrangements for the collection and any assessment, monitoring and review of safe work method statements at the workplace

Many builders place the safety management plan on site and let their employees and sub-contractors read it as they see fit. However at Safe-R Outcomes we highly recommend emailing your WHS management plan to each employee and/or sub-contractor prior them commencing work on your construction site as well as having a hard copy on site.

WHS Management Plan Free Examples

There are many free safety management plan examples available online that can be useful for Principal Contractors if they need help putting together a plan. When downloading a free example of a safety plan it is important to consider whether it has all the legal requirements as per your state legislation, and whether you will be doing the work as per the plan.
You can be fined if:

  • Your plan is not up to date
  • You do not have a plan
  • Your plan does not contain the relevant information
  • It has irrelevant information
  • You do not complete your work as per the plan

You can also have your construction site closed to all works until you have put a WHS management plan in place. This could mean your project is closed down for hours or days until the inspector gives you permission to start work again.

An up to date and complete WHS management plan is evidence that you are trying to manage the health and safety of everyone on your construction site. If something goes wrong, you will have written evidence that you had certain rules and expectations on your site, it is not enough to say “I told them”. You could save yourself thousands of dollars, and maybe even your business just by having a current site safety plan.

We’ve done all the hard work for you! You can have a current and complete WHS management plan downloaded within minutes. Safe-R Outcomes WHS management plans are cheap and easy to use. All you need to do is review it, and fill in your project details!

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