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5-Star Reviews

Mohamad Elmowy

“Using this website to create a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) has been a game-changer for our team. It streamlines the process, ensuring compliance and safety measures are met effortlessly”

5-Star Reviews

Matt K.

“Hey Chris

I know how it is now, once I log in and go onto my account I can create a swms specific for jobs,

This is awesome!

Kind Regards,

5-Star Reviews

Lyn S.

Customer Survey Feedback

Subscription Content : Very Good
Easy to Implement : Very Good
Easy to Understand : Very Good
Customer Service: Excellent
Value for Money : Excellent
Would you recommend to others? Yes

What do you particularly like?
“How all the documents are created for you in word and pdf”

5-Star Reviews

Claudia C.

“Hi Rachael,

Thanks for calling me back today, I really appreciated the time you took to answer all my questions (and late on a Friday afternoon too!)

Nick, my builder husband, is a little wary of website subscription-based services as he prefers to speak with someone before he signs up to anything. Now that I’ve relayed all the information you gave me, he feels really comfortable and will jump on this weekend and sign up so he can get all his safety documentation up to date.

It was great to speak to you as both Nick and I were really impressed with your website. (we almost thought it was too good to be true! 😉) It is so user friendly, exceptionally well laid out, has loads of relevant information, and a great selection of plans which are well priced too. It was the best WHS Documentation website I’ve seen and I have looked at a lot of WHS websites this week and I kept coming back to yours!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again!”

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