Is the WHS documentation for your business out of date, or even worse… non-existant? When was it last reviewed for changes in the legislation?

Step 1: Identify the Problem– ALL Australian businesses no matter what their size need to manage their WHS obligations by law. 

Step 2: Find a Solution– Safe-R Outcomes has a variety of WHS document solutions available for all Australian businesses.

Step 3: Purchase the Product That Will Suit Your Business Needs – Purchase your documents and download within minutes.

Step 4: Implement the WHS – Review your documents, fill in your business details and notify your employees.

Step 5: Back to Work– Within minutes you can be back to running your business and making money.

How can Safe-R Outcomes help your business?

Our Professional subscriptions contain many essential documents including:

  • WHS Management Plans / Safety Manuals
  • SWMS (if the job entails high risk tasks)
  • a range of SOPs, Registers, Toolbox Talks, Checklists and Policies

These can all be downloaded and are not blank templates, so can be used immediately.

We also provide Induction training to help you on-board new employees and contractors.

As you can see it is all done for you so it makes it nice and simple. You can find out more on the Industries and Professions page.

If you’re concerned about the time commitment and knowledge required to implement the correct documents, procedures and training for forklift safety, Safe-R Outcomes can help. We strive to reduce the time and cost for businesses to implement their legally necessary safety requirements.

90% of our customers download their pre-filled safety documents within 4 minutes of purchasing. Can you beat this time?

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