As a builder, you’ll know that safety should always be a top priority. 

It’s pretty simple, if you’re a builder you need a builders SWMS and a safety management plan.

A builders SWMS (safe work method statement) is a document that outlines the safe work procedures for specific tasks or jobs you do as a builder. It includes information on the risks involved, as well as the control measures that will be used to eliminate, or minimise those risks. It is required by law when a builder performs specific tasks. 

If you are doing work over $250 000 you must have a WHS management plan by law. If you are doing work under $250 000 legislation still requires you to manage safety. The easiest way to do this is by having a safety management plan in place.

Depending on your business, you should also consider what other safety documents you need to have in place such as checklists and toolbox talks. This is because the risks associated with building are significant. 


Builders SWMS and Management Plan Inclusions

Get peace of mind with our safety documents knowing that they’re up to date with current legislation 

Our builders safe work method statements (Renovations and New Builds) are ‘all-in-one’ SWMS that enables builders to manage their WHS obligations as required by legislation. They can be used to show government inspectors, for insurance purposes, government tenders and for other contract work, and can even be re-used for future jobs. 

These are not blank templates you just need to fill in your details and can even include your logo for a professional look.

They include:

  1. Drugs & alcohol
  2. Use of hand tools
  3. Working at ground level
  4. Working at heights
  5. Working with power tools
  6. Working around mobile plant
  7. Working on ladders
  8. Working on scaffold
  9. Working near voids
  10. Working near electricity
  11. Using hazardous materials
  12. Working with asbestos
  13. Emergency procedures
  14. PPE
  15. SWMS register
  16. All legislative requirements
  17. Plus more!

Our Management Plans enables builders to manage their WHS obligations that is required by legislation. They can be used to show government inspectors, for insurance purposes, government tenders and for other contract work, and can even be re-used for future jobs. 

These are not blank templates you just need to fill in your details and you can even include your logo for a professional look.

They include:

  1. Consultation & communication
  2. Driving company vehicles
  3. Drugs & alcohol
  4. Electrical equipment
  5. Emergency plan
  6. Environment
  7. Essential services
  8. First aid
  9. Hazard reporting
  10. Hazardous substances
  11. Hazardous manual tasks
  12. Housekeeping
  13. PPE
  14. Plant & equipment
  15. Roles & responsibilities
  16. Site security
  17. Subcontractors
  18. Visitor Safety
  19. WHS Policy
  20. Plus more!

Builders SWMS in Under 60 Seconds? Watch This!

Watch us create a Safe Work Method Statement in less than 60 seconds.

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And all our other safety documents are just as easy to use.


Not Blank Templates!

All the documents are pre-filled and tailored to meet the needs of builders with the types of activities they perform, and the hazards, risks and controls they encounter

Immediate Access!

Get immediate access to the latest safety documentation and training

Meets Legislative Requirements

These are the documents you need as per legislation and uses all the correct terminology

Easy to Edit (if required)

We've done all the hard work for you, but for special jobs you may need to add something extra. You can do this with no fuss and still have a professional looking document

No Legal Jargon!

We've made our documents legalese-free which means you don't have to try and translate what you should be doing on site to keep legally compliant

Email or Print - Your choice

Need to complete a tender or supply your safety documents on the run? You can do that with Safe-R Outcomes plus you can print, email or even just save it on your phone or tablet!

Usage and Implementation Instructions

While we are proud of how user-friendly our safety documents and training are, we know that sometimes it can be overwhelming. So, again we've made it as easy as possible for you to do the right thing with our easy step by step instructions

Always Current

Our documents are always up to date and have the latest legislative changes, and also meet common industry requirements

Regular New Content

We regularly add new content such as training, SWMS, toolbox talks, resources, SOP's and more!

Quick Induction Training

Onboarding new workers has never been so easy. Simply email them the link to do a Workplace Induction Training course and get notified when they've passed the course!

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Mohamad Elmowy

“Using this website to create a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) has been a game-changer for our team. It streamlines the process, ensuring compliance and safety measures are met effortlessly”

5-Star Reviews

Matt K.

“Hey Chris

I know how it is now, once I log in and go onto my account I can create a swms specific for jobs,

This is awesome!

Kind Regards,

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Lyn S.

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Claudia C.

“Hi Rachael,

Thanks for calling me back today, I really appreciated the time you took to answer all my questions (and late on a Friday afternoon too!)

Nick, my builder husband, is a little wary of website subscription-based services as he prefers to speak with someone before he signs up to anything. Now that I’ve relayed all the information you gave me, he feels really comfortable and will jump on this weekend and sign up so he can get all his safety documentation up to date.

It was great to speak to you as both Nick and I were really impressed with your website. (we almost thought it was too good to be true! 😉) It is so user friendly, exceptionally well laid out, has loads of relevant information, and a great selection of plans which are well priced too. It was the best WHS Documentation website I’ve seen and I have looked at a lot of WHS websites this week and I kept coming back to yours!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again!”

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