Providing effective confined space training for your employees is essential to protecting their safety. However, not everyone has the time or resources to attend a traditional training class. That’s where online confined space refresher training comes in. With this format, employees can learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Plus, online training is affordable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

What types of jobs work in confined spaces?

Some of the types of confined spaces a builder might work in include tanks, sewers, silos and manholes. In each of these spaces, there are specific risks that you need to be aware of. For example, in a tank, you might encounter hazardous fumes or vapours. In other jobs, you might work in confined spaces such as crawl spaces, duct-work or boiler rooms. Each of these environments presents different risks that you need to be aware of in order to stay safe.

When working in a confined space, it is important to always follow safety procedures and to wear the proper safety gear, and to be appropriately trained.

If you’re not familiar with the safety procedures for working in a confined space, you could be putting yourself at risk. And if it’s not work you do on a regular basis you can forget what is expected of you when completing the work.

Is confined space refresher training required by law?

Confined space training is required by law in many industries, because it can also be dangerous work, many people are injured or lose their lives each year in confined spaces.

Confined space refresher training is a nationally recognised competency in Australia, so technically does not expire, however best practice recommends it be refreshed. However, once you have completed the initial training face to face, most states allow for online confined space refresher training, rather than having to go into a face to face classroom environment.How often should you refresh your confined space training?

It’s important to keep your confined space training up to date, as the risks and relevant industry practices and legislation can change over time. You should refresh your training every two years to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest information and best practices.

The online confined space training refresher is a convenient and effective way to help your employees stay up-to-date on the latest safety practices.


Why is confined space refresher training good for my business?

A refresher course will help you and your workers keep safe at work. It is a chance to brush up on confined space knowledge and refresh your skills. Confined spaces are dangerous and we know you want everyone to go home safely at the end of the work day. Showing you care about your employees improves the safety culture within your business.

Safety culture – What is it and why is it important?

The online confined space refresher is a great way to keep your employees safe while they’re working. By providing refresher training on a regular basis, you can ensure that your workers are up-to-date on the latest safety procedures and aware of any changes in the law. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. And it will also provide that much needed evidence of managing safety if the worst was to happen. There have been many business owners who have been able to negate legal proceedings just by having the right safety training and procedures in place.

When you’re working in a confined space, even a small mistake can have serious consequences. By refreshing your training, you’ll be up-to-date on the latest safety procedures and aware of any changes in the regulations. When was the last time you read about what training was required for confined spaces? Are you sure you or your employees qualifications are up to date?

Why is online confined space refresher training good for my business and employees?

Online training is very efficient and cost effective because you can train multiple employees at once without having to organize separate classes for them. You could save hundreds of dollars per year by providing online confined space training to your employees rather than sending them to traditional training courses.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient, cost-effective and flexible way to train your employees, online confined space training is the perfect solution.

What will be taught in an online confined space training refresher course?

Online refresher courses are specifically tailored to your needs when working in confined spaces. The courses will generally go over a range of topics including:

  • The dangers of confined spaces
  • How to identify and assess the risks in a confined space
  • How to safely enter and exit a confined space
  • Working safely in a confined space
  • The use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Rescue operations
  • Any legislation that applies

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of confined spaces and how to work safely in them. You will also know what to do in an emergency situation.


How long will online confined space refresher training take?

Often they take 2 – 6 hours to complete and can be done at your own pace. Once you have finished the course, you will be able to print out a certificate of completion. An online course is flexible, so you can fit it in around your busy schedule. It’s also easy to use, so you’ll be up and running quickly. And because it’s online, you can access it anywhere, anytime.

So why not refresh your confined space training online today? It could save your life or someone else’s.

What to consider when choosing an online confined space refresher training course?

When considering an online confined space refresher course here’s some things to look for when choosing an online training provider:

  • The provider should be accredited
  • There should be a range of courses to choose from
  • The courses should be flexible and easy to use
  • The provider should offer support if needed
  • The provider should have a good reputation with good online reviews
  • The courses should be up-to-date with the latest legislation
  • The prices should be reasonable

What are the best online confined space training refresher courses?

If you’re looking for an online confined space refresher course that meets all your safety needs, visit any of our top choices below today. All of these courses are designed to meet the requirements of businesses in a wide variety of industries, and are affordable and easy to use. With these confined space online refresher training, you can be confident that your employees are getting the latest information on confined space safety.

So, why wait?



These guys have been around for years providing online safety training to businesses all over Australia. They offer a range of online courses, including a confined space refresher course. The course is self-paced and can be completed in a couple of hours. It’s also very reasonably priced at just $177 per person.

This course will provide you with information about:

  1. the legal requirement for confined space entry
  2. what confined spaces are and why people enter them
  3. entry permits
  4. hazards associated with confined space entry
  5. methods of controlling confined space hazards
  6. emergency response procedures, and
  7. the different types of personal protective equipment that can be used when working in confined spaces

OHS.com.au say this course has been reviewed by a recognised subject matter expert and has been designed to comply with best practice national health and safety standards. Terminology has been chosen for clarity and ease of comprehension across jurisdictions. For example, ‘employer’ has been used to signify the broader term ‘PCBU’, while ‘WHS’ represents both work and occupational health and safety, which is great for whichever state of Australia you are in.

Your Licence

Your Licence was established to organise licence training information and make it universally accessible and useful. 

Their online confined space refresher training course has been created to re-confirm your knowledge of all safety and practical aspects of entering and working in confined spaces. This course will also allow you to regain a sound understanding of all legal requirements which apply to the job.Topics covered in this course include:

  • Legal and organisational requirements applying to confined space work;
  • Identification of hazards and risks in and around confined spaces, including atmospheric testing;
  • Carrying out risk analyses to determine the risk level of each hazard;
  • Principles of hazard management and emergency response when working in confined spaces;
  • Common and unfamiliar hazards relating to confined spaces, equipment and work practices;
  • Common hazard management measures, including atmospheric purging and use of breathing apparatus;
  • Care and maintenance of safety equipment;
  • Carrying out and finalising work safely when in confined spaces.

This course is based on the national competency standards accredited by the state and national training authorities.

All components of this course are delivered 100% online.

AMS Training

This online confined space refresher course can be completed within about 2 hours and is perfect for those working in construction and mining and resources. It has been specifically designed for workers who are required to enter and work in confined spaces, as well as those who may be required to monitor or rescue someone from a confined space

This company while based in the Northern Territory is able to be used for training for people all around Australia. Their goal is to provide better and more cost effective training for workers and businesses.

Kangaroo Training Institute

Providing online and face to face training Kangaroo Training Institute is a great option no matter what industry you’re in. Their online confined space training refresher course is designed for who has the nationally recognised existing Statement/s of Attainment, currently working in the industry & want’s to renew/ refresh certificate.

This nationally recognised training course gives trainees the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently work in or around confined spaces.

To get full competency refresher student must invest personal 4-5 hours. study through learner guide, video, practical, work, Books etc.

They also have 24/7 online support for their students.

ACTA Group

ACTA Group have a personalised and unique approach to safety & training. Their dedicated and highly skilled trainers will carefully guide you through each step of the training and assessment process. Our purpose as a company is to deliver a documented and improved training experience by ensuring that you achieve an advanced level of qualification to establish the level of certification you require through your employment.

Their Enter and work in confined spaces – Online Refresher course will help participants:

  • Obtain appropriate entry permit and instructions for performing work in confined space
  • Interpreting and applying safe work method statements
  • Apply tagging and lock out
  • Selecting, wearing and caring for personal protective equipment applicable to all tasks and environment identified
  • Entering the confined space
  • Using atmospheric monitoring devices prior to entering the confined space
  • Working in the confined space
  • Using atmospheric monitoring devices during confined space activity
  • Applying safe materials handling methods
  • Exiting the confined space
  • Remove tagging and lock out

Coal Train

Coal Train is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that puts safety first: they provide a variety of training courses to help individuals, managers and trainers to obtain the skills and qualifications required to safely work in the resource sector. Their training courses also apply to other sectors, including business, hospitality, first aid, management, leadership and more.

Their online confined space training refresher course should take you about 4 hours to complete and can be completed on any computer or mobile device.

Remember: These confined space training refresher courses deal with the theory of going into a confined space and any updates to legislation or equipment advancements. You can’t use this training if you have not gone to a class given by an accredited person. Breaking the rules could hurt yourself and those around you.

If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to provide confined space training refreshers, online courses are the answer.

Remember though that in some states you may be required to complete the training in a face to face classroom. And, to enroll in the online confined space refresher course you may have to provide proof that you have already completed accredited confined space training.

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