This depends on your business and the type of work you do.

Please note that we’ll never try to upsell you to something you don’t need, but our advice is in regards to legislation and what we know different organisations and government bodies require.

So, here are some different scenarios which may help you decide what subscription is best for you…


If you normally sub-contract to a builder or other business then a SWMS will probably be enough.


If you do maintenance work for real estate agents or insurance companies then a safety management plan is recommended as well as the SWMS.

If you’re a tradie and not subcontracting to someone else and don’t have employees , then you should have a safety management plan and a SWMS.

A safety management plan and a SWMS is the bare minimum that should be in place for a construction-related business.

Basically, a SWMS is for your job, whereas a safety management plan is for your business (ie. you have considered and addressed issues that may include drugs and alcohol, driving company vehicles, dealing with the public, environmental issues etc)


To minimise your business’s exposure to safety issues, the extra documents and training contained in the Professional subscription is essential to your business.

If your business employs others then you should be endeavouring to have an entire safety system to help show your doing everything you can to manage safety across your business.

If you are working for insurance companies, government bodies or submitting tenders for government jobs then you really should have the Professional subscription to have all of your safety in place to improve your chances of winning those jobs.

The Professional subscription can potentially help earn you money and also save you money!

If you’re still undecided, feel free to send us a message, an email or book a call with a safety expert.


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