Often sole traders and small businesses leave work health and safety as the last thing they worry about. Not because they don’t care about worker safety, but for other reasons which may include:
* Lack of understanding – it seems too hard
* Lack of time
* Lack of money
* Thinking that it only applies to big business
* Thinking that they don’t have an unsafe workplace so it doesn’t apply to them 

Unfortunately for many sole traders and small businesses, they find out too late that work health and safety regulations do apply to them. And it can cost them their business and sometimes even their house if they don’t have the right documents and procedures in place.

Did you know that most jurisdictions in Australia have on the spot fines that are more expensive than purchasing the required documentation?

Did you know that most jurisdictions in Australia see serious work health and safety infractions as criminal and you can end up in gaol?

Did you know that most jurisdictions in Australia have fines that are cumulative and can run into the tens of thousands of dollars even if there is no injury?

Did you know that in most jurisdictions in Australia, your work site can be shut down by inspectors until you meet the legislative requirements? Sometimes this can be as simple as providing a safety manual. Would you like to have your business closed down for hours or days at significant cost when you could prevent this by providing documentation that costs under $1000?

There are many examples of sole traders and small businesses that have been fined or charged, causing significant financial harm to their business. While these cases often involve serious injury, remember these business owners did not set out to intentionally harm anyone. If it can happen to them, it can happen to you.

Ensuring health and safety in your workplace doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. By using documentation that is written by professionals that you can download and review, and if needed make any changes, you can help manage and maintain the safety of your workplace. Using Safe-R Outcomes documentation is an easy, quick and cost effective way to manage your work health and safety.

Don’t get caught out and risk your livelihood and business…get it done today!

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